Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly

We are resolved to enhance the nature of our items. What’s more, right now, our central goal to reestablish and administer to the skin of 5 million individuals living in troublesome conditions by 2020 is under way.

Over the globe Vaseline is working to work it’s association with Direct Relief, the universal restorative guide association, to build up Vaseline’s Healing Project and give dermatological care, therapeutic supplies, Vaseline items and wellbeing laborers’ preparation on the bleeding edge of emergency and hazardous situations.

So that, while different issues are taken care of by more proper associations, Vaseline can assume liability for and give help to those affliction from what we know best: the soundness of our skin.

In South Africa, this works converts into extend periods of time at centers around the nation, giving exhortation and tutor ship to a wide cluster of human services specialists and group individuals.

All to appear and clarify Vaseline Blue Seal’s 101 capacities, to demonstrate its capacity to ensure and reestablish skin, and ensure that more genuine skin contaminations are maintained a strategic distance from. So that, together, we can avoid whatever number genuine skin conditions as could be expected under the circumstances.

A sparkling case of our central goal is The Vaseline Healing Project’s work in KZN, Pietermaritzburg and iLembe – giving proficient skincare preparing to medical attendants.

An essential venture depicted impeccably by Unilever Beauty Director, Cathalijne Oudijk when she stated, “By giving social insurance specialists the apparatuses and preparing to legitimately analyze and treat skin issues, we want to engage the groups they serve to best comprehend their skin conditions and how best to treat them before they turn out to be more genuine.”

To see where our most powerful work is being done, ensure you see the effect of Vaseline’s mending groups everywhere throughout the world, by going to our online guide outline. A dynamic resource in our each work, it tracks and shows precisely where The Vaseline Healing Project is available around the globe.

On the off chance that you need, you help us by spreading everything over the world.


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